Monday 05 December 2022
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Help build a greener economy for Guernsey

Help build a greener economy for Guernsey

Monday 16 November 2020

Help build a greener economy for Guernsey

MEDIA RELEASE: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not Bailiwick Express, and the text is reproduced exactly as supplied to us

Pioneer a more sustainable business and island with electric heating.

A recent Guernsey study found electric heating releases four times less carbon than its fossil-fuel alternative. This substantiates the impact made when a business switches from oil or gas to electric heating.

Put sustainability first for your business.

The positive implications of powering a business with low-carbon electricity are tenfold. More customers are demanding sustainable and ethical practices from businesses.

From small sole traders to global powerhouses, the ability to say your business is powered, heated and cooled using verified renewable technology puts you at an exceptional competitive advantage.

Supporting this with other sustainable initiatives such as charging points, electric cars and e-bikes for your fleet and workforce will give you a truly enviable claim to make in your annual reports.

WSP, a multidisciplinary professional services consultancy, undertook desktop research earlier this year to determine the carbon intensity of electricity distributed in Guernsey. The study included all elements of the production chain, including exploration, extraction, generation, processing, transport and disposal, or decommissioning.

Jon Sexton, Head of Generation at Guernsey Electricity, confirmed that results supported the benefits of imported renewable electricity.

“The energy we bring into the Island through the subsea cable is certified from renewable sources. This meets over 90% of Guernsey’s demand for electricity. Along with our growing number of community-scale, local solar PV installations, this demonstrates the real benefits to Guernsey in terms of lower emissions and reduced impact on the environment.

The study gives Guernsey Electricity further confidence that a second cable direct to France is the optimum long-term strategy for our island’s energy needs and aligns with Guernsey’s Energy Policy.

The result of the new cable is that electric heating will have 10 times lower carbon intensity than heating oil or gas within the local market.”

Why are carbon emissions important?

A business heated by gas will release nearly 80% more carbon than the same business heated using electricity. Scale this figure across the number of businesses still heating with gas or oil in Guernsey, and that accounts for a significant portion of our island’s greenhouse gas emissions.

If just one business switched to electricity, they would considerably help support our island’s vision to decarbonise and take an active role in protecting our environment. As a united community, we could realistically help Guernsey achieve Net Carbon Zero before 2050.



SuperHeat: A dedicated heating tariff available 24/7 at 9.42p per unit. The standard rate is 19.78p per unit.

Heatpump Tariff: Heat pumps are very efficient and can deliver £3 worth of heat for every £1 spent. This dedicated tariff is available at 13.07p per unit

*correct as of date of publication

How can your business reduce carbon emissions with Guernsey Electricity?

Commercial energy advice
As qualified low carbon consultants, we can provide honest, expert advice on choosing the right energy solution.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to support local businesses in their sustainability journey.

  • Electric heating and cooling: our energy solutions team can help transition your business to lower carbon alternatives. These solutions include Air Source Heat Pumps, commercial scale solar, and switching out fossil-fuel boilers.
  • Electric fleet and vehicle charging: from electric cars, vans and bikes, to super-fast charging points, we can help your work force consider lower carbon alternatives.
  • Battery storage: our team can install battery solutions for your business. These will store electricity generated from roof-top solar panels or electricity from the grid to use at a later time. This helps balance peaks in energy demand and ultimately reduce reliance on the power station by helping to balance the electricity grid.

When will you join us and make the switch?
Contact our energy sales team on 01481 200749 or email

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