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OPINION: The pointlessness of playground politics and throwing your toys out of the pram

OPINION: The pointlessness of playground politics and throwing your toys out of the pram

Tuesday 08 November 2022

OPINION: The pointlessness of playground politics and throwing your toys out of the pram

Tuesday 08 November 2022

Numerous thoughts and opinions have been published about the proposed rehabilitation of Alderney's runway, but former pilot and politician Ralph Burridge says he is concerned about anyone using children to try and win a sympathy vote.

In his own words, he explains:

alderney runway Ralph burridge

Pictured: Ralph Burridge.

"A new aspect of pushing the Alderney airfield rehabilitation has reared its head; the use of the children of Alderney as the focus of a ‘sympathy’ vote.

You don’t need to be a mastermind to realise that these ‘playground politics’, being generated for the most part, by friends and relatives of those who’s egotistic and illusional dreams that big is beautiful, are determined to secure Option C+ at any cost.

Pointless, in as much that it is the quality, regularity, flexibility and the connectivity of a service that determines the success. of any Alderney based level 3 carrier, working with Aurigny as part of its operation. Feeding passengers into their Guernsey regional hub, whilst retaining the ability to serve Alderney in the way in which the people want and need, rather than what the ‘bean counters’ determine is best for the financial benefit of others.

The rehabilitation of the airfield in line with Option B, would future proof’ any level 3 carrier to operate a service that would bring back that which has been lost over years, whilst at the same time saving £millions. A service that benefits and works for the elderly, the mid-lifers and the young, works for everyone. The young are an important part of our future, but there is no need to single out the children as a special case; they will benefit from the changes an the same way as everyone else.

But as a new twist, we now have the States using what used to be called old fashioned blackmail, giving the public the choice of just one option; do it our way, or well throw our toys out of the pram and wont let you play with our ball.

It doesnt seem to matter that we are going to pay twice, once as a Bailiwick taxpayer, contributing as we do to the muti-million pound black hole, without which Aurigny would have failed years ago and secondly as an Alderney citizen, with our States suggested an input of £3.5 million that we havent got, to prop up a scheme that isnt needed and in any event, probably wont get past the voting stage.

A recent Past, Present & Future review, has been circulated, although due to circulation restrictions, hasn’t been seen by the majority of Alderney residents.

If you can find a copy, please take the time to read it. Doing so may give you a better insight as to why the Alderney populace is so disgruntled with the way in which their links to the outside world have degraded over the past years and how, with what is planned, will never, ever be allowed to return."


Past, present, and future

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