Wednesday 21 April 2021
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EXPRESS OPINION: "Team work makes the dream work"


Friday 03 July 2020

EXPRESS OPINION: "Team work makes the dream work"

The 'revive and thrive' strategy has been approved, and Home Affairs has withdrawn its motion to kick out one of its members after an internal row so it's all happy families with our politicians again - but does that mean they'll be able to make our post-Covid dreams come true?

I used to work with someone who was always quoting clichés - management jargon - making us all 'think outside the box', reminding us constantly that 'team work makes the dream work'.

I've always thought that actually, if everyone just gets on and does what they're meant to be doing then that will make the dream work.

But every now and then, team work is essential - and rebuilding our economy after the lockdown this spring is going to need a lot of team work. 

Whether our current States can do that is not really an issue. They've had just over four years in power now - and those four years have been peppered with squabbles and personality clashes. The 2016-20 States might not be the worst we've ever had but they must surely be the most divided. Remember those split votes on who to elect as President of Policy and Resources? You could almost predict the voting on every other contentious issue since then based on those early days of split voting back in May 2016.


Pictured: The 2016/20 States have often been split right down the middle, or close to it, on many votes. 

SuperGav knows we have to put that behind us now though. He told the States this week that it will of course be the next government who actually have the work to do to ensure our economy is revived and thrives. And who gets to decide who is in that government? We do of course.

So if you've not registered to vote yet - now is your chance. Here is the link - JOIN THE ELECTORAL ROLL. 

However, your responsibility doesn't end there. You have to actually vote as well - so keep an eye on this website here and Express will give you all the key information and dates when the times gets closer of course. 

You could even stand for election yourself - with candidates needing to be nominated early in September. 


Pictured: Finally! The June election is now scheduled to be happening in October. I'll be using my votes, will you? 

Of course whatever happens comes October, some of our current deputies will be back in office - and rightly so. Continuity is always important in governance. If we elect 38 brand spanking new politicians we might as well put a pause on everything, and not just the schools plans. 

Some of the class of 2016 will be standing down of course, some will easily win their seats back, and some will be very lucky to be re-elected - others will be hoping their political peers don't get back in, and if they do they won't want to be working with them again.

How important it is to get on with those you work with is really a matter of personal opinion of course. You probably shouldn't work with your best mates - much like you shouldn't work with your life partner, or your secret lover. But it's probably not a good idea to work closely with someone you can't stand either. 

A happy medium, like in so many aspects of life, is important here.


Pictured: Some of the Bailiwick Express Guernsey team, past and present, out for a lunchtime drink - pre-lockdown! 

I've been very lucky to work with some people whose company I have really enjoyed over the years. More recently, as I have apparently aged into the role of the more experienced member of staff in a management role, who gets to do all those fun jobs from ordering the tea bags to dealing with complaints, I've learnt quite a few lessons too from those around me.

Those younger colleagues have many tricks to teach the old dogs. The passion they can bring to a role, the fresh ideas, the skill set, the different outlooks on life - all stuff to be admired and to be utilised.

The time has now come to push forward with all of those plans for 2020 which were put on hold during the pandemic. Let's 'revive and thrive' our own lives and our island economy, as individuals, as work colleagues and as friends. 



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