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January 2014

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The chances are you will be reading this in either one of two states of mind. Firstly, there will be those who have surfaced after the festive period brimming with optimism, ideas and the desire to shake 2014 by the neck and show it who’s boss! If you are that fired up already, then I salute you. Or maybe its just time to sober up.

Or perhaps you are a type two? Stand up all those readers who may pretend outwardly to be like the type one described above – but actually, they’re just going to dip their toe gently into the (hopefully) warm bath of 2014, before deciding if it might, possibly, be a good year or not. 

Actually, it matters not. 2014 has room for all, and here at Connect, we will be providing entertainment, inspiration and information to them in (roughly) equal measures, with a sprinkling of passion, wit and insight thrown in – and that’s just The Fool (page 46). Take this edition for example. 

For the type one team, we have our big news - literally….by the time you read this we will have launched a new daily digital newspaper for Jersey called Bailiwick Express. We believe it will be a smart addition to the Island’s main media – see page 20 for the behind-the-scenes story of its genesis, or better still, click to sign up. 

Or perhaps you might prefer the profile on page 48 - we wanted to kick the New Year off with something a little different  - and on that measure, manufacturing hand-made drums in Jersey for export around world certainly scores a perfect ten. Chris Troy, you are very welcome in Connect. 

For regular readers (both of you), Unplugged (page 36) continues our focus on development in Jersey – this month, the man in charge of rebuilding the Waterfront explains how close he is to breaking ground on the Jersey International Finance Centre. 

Finally, we haven’t wasted the Christmas holiday with little things like opening presents, seeing the family or taking a break – oh no. Foolishly, we have set the bar a little higher for Connect each month by introducing two new features (see pages 42 and 58) and a brand new columnist: you’ll find iSpy on page 53 – iSpy’s brief is to observe and comment on anything produced by the media, whether it comes from a news outlet, communications agency or social channel. And yes, Connect, and Express, are fair game too. 

I hope you enjoy it!


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